Jia Bao Tong Maunfacturing the High Speed Jacquard Harness since 1990.import the European material and technology.

It ensure that the quality of every product can reach the world  first-class and improve the fabric and woven label production  efficiency.In order to improve the production efficiency and the  reliability of the products,our company put millions of yuan to buy  plain brown machine of Italy.

The manufacture of jacquard harness of our company  applies to all jacquard machine,especially for trade mark machine  technology,such as (Muller),(Kyang Yhe),(Vaupel),(CNL),the treasure and  LAI ZHU trademark machine.The increasing loom speed makes the harness  quality becomes the important factor production efficiency.


The production of high load harness,the needs of professional  talents and advanced science and technology,all of this belong to JIA  BAO TONG.

Customers can choose all kinds of jacquard and  harness combination.According to customer's requirement and actual  situation,JIA's design and sales engineer made a detailed analysis,which  determine the most suitable harness engineering for the customer.

Muller Harness
Cut & Fold