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  • INDIA ITME 2012

    Since its founding in 1985, the Macworld Expo has become the most influential Apple ecosphere in the world. The exposition, with the theme of "defining the future with innovation", will be o

    2021/05/18 93

  • INDIA ITME 2016

    AD Tex Enterprises JIA BAO TONG India International Textile Machinery Exhibitions Society (India ITME Society) is a non profit apex industry body established in 1980 to support and serve the Textile Engineering Industry through exhibitions, Events, Trade Promotion Services, Education Scholarships, Student Placements, and Consultancy etc. India ITME Society plays a pivotal role in strengthening the domestic as well as international Textile Industry by facilitating exchange of knowledge, technology transfer...

    2021/05/18 46

  • China (Donggaung) Textile Industry Fair 2021

    Since Founding 1990, We joint the China (Dongguang) International Textile Industry Fair each year.Show our products and service.

    2021/05/18 63


    Since the acquisition of Oculus for $2 billion in 2014, Facebook, a social platform giant, has been in the forefront of the development of VR. With the development of the market, VR in the United Stat

    2021/05/18 18


    India ITME 2021 shall be held in India Exposition Mart Ltd, Noida. The total number of halls will be 15 with a total area of 2,35,000 sq. mtrs, making it the largest in this industry segment. This event is expected to host more than 1800 exhibitors in 22 Chapters and is expected to have over 1,50,000 visitors over the 6 days period

    2021/05/18 18

  • Landscape H2 intelligent hand ring 158 yuan buy mobile power supply

    A new two generation upgraded smart health bracelet H2 is launched by Tmall. The initial price of Tmall is only 70 percent off yuan, which only needs 158 yuan. The number of mobile power supply is up

    2018/01/12 1

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